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Stone Food and Drink Festival are live with DigiTickets! 3rd September, 2015

Stone Food and Drink Festival, Staffordshire's biggest gastronomic gathering, have chosen DigiTickets to provide their online ticketing! The Stone Food and Drink Festival first ran in 2004 and it hasn't stopped growing since! With a huge following from across the country, not to mention a fantastic variety of foodie g...

Garden King goes live with DigiTickets! 20th August, 2015
Garden King has long been one of the go to places for gardeners in the Derbyshire area; DigiTickets are proud to announce that we have the pleasure of working with them and that they have now gone live with us in order to fill their ticketing needs.Read More
The Howl joins Tulleys! 3rd August, 2015
Selling with DigiTickets for another year, Tulleys Farm have now added a second location to their fantastically frightening Halloween festival! The Howl, opening at Mead Open Farm in Leighton Buzzard, is set to be just as terrifyingly brilliant as the original Shocktoberfest which is hosted at Tulleys itself in Crawle...Read More
Fast Trackers Tours have gone live with DigiTickets! 16th July, 2015
Based in London, Fast Trackers Tours are dedicated to providing great fully guided tours, without hours being spent travelling! With great transport links to a large area of England, Fast Trackers take you directly to where you want to go, and make sure that the majority of your day is spent exploring, rather than b...Read More
Clip N' Climb Chelsea choose DigiTickets 1st July, 2015
London’s very first Clip N’ Climb facility has chosen DigiTickets for their ticketing needs!Read More
Teeling Whiskey have chosen DigiTickets 22nd May, 2015
Following in a long line of whiskey distilleries in Dublin, one of the key areas in the world for whiskey, and especially echoing the original Teeling Whiskey Distillery, founded in 1782 by Walter Teeling, the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery comes with the weight of its Dublin heritage. Run by the latest generation of T...Read More
Dartmoor Zoo choose DigiTickets 27th April, 2015
Dartmoor Zoo, of ‘We Bought a Zoo’ fame, have chosen DigiTickets as a solution to their ticketing needs! Since taking over the failing Dartmoor Wildlife Park in 2006, and embarking on extensive works to bring it up to its current, family friendly, incarnation as Dartmoor Zoological Park, the zoo has vastly...Read More