Using Gift Vouchers to Enhance Your Business

As we move towards the festive period, we wanted to highlight the amazing functionality of Gift Vouchers and how they can benefit your business. For many reasons, gift vouchers can really help boost sales and can be used for a variety of options.

Over the last few years consumers have shifted their spending habits and have begun to change from buying material objects to gifting experiences instead. As well as being more environmentally friendly than physical gifts, experiences create memories and can enhance secondary spend and bring new customers to your business.

Different Types of Gift Vouchers

Using the Gift Vouchers module within the DigiTickets BackOffice, Gift Vouchers can be created using a variety of ideas and functions. There are three main ways in which a gift voucher can be used within DigiTickets:

  • Experience (Redeeming a Gift Voucher in Exchange for an Item)
  • A Stored Balance (Purchased Store Balance to be redeemed against multiple items)
  • Membership (Redeeming a Gift Voucher for an Annual Membership)


Using Gift Vouchers for an experience can really highlight some of the most unique offerings that your business has and most importantly draw attention to them. For example, a zoo or safari park might use Gift Vouchers for animal experiences, a higher priced, but more immersive experience. Even more traditional ideas like an Admission with Lunch, or Afternoon Tea can work fantastically well as a gift voucher.  

Once the customer has purchased one of these, they will pass it onto the recipient meaning that you are likely to get secondary marketing and spend when they visit. Experiences are increasingly popular with people to post on social media, increasing that interest even more.

Stored Balance:

Gift Vouchers can also be used for a stored balance, to give more flexibility to your customers and to encourage them to have the option to buy for family and friends the ‘gift’ of visiting your attraction.

You have the option of creating many different denominations to suit your needs within the Back Office. Your customers can use this stored balance for many various options and is a perfect gift.

The voucher can then be emailed to the recipient for them to redeem when they wish. Customers can use their gift-voucher online as payment by simply entering the voucher code at the checkout stage.

Gift Vouchers and Membership Schemes:

Gift Vouchers can now be used to pay for memberships as a one-off payment. Customers can purchase a stored balance and then use that stored balance to pay for a membership. This creates another way in which you and your company can use gift vouchers and it’s particularly appealing to be able to use it for higher priced memberships.

Online and In Person

Certainly, many gift vouchers are focused on an online sense, but there’s nothing better than being able to personally interact with your customers. ProPoint EPOS allows you to sell Gifts to your customers as the perfect way to increase onsite spend.

This year, gift vouchers might even be more important than ever as consumers are looking ahead to being able to visit attractions freely. Gift Vouchers enable you to increase your revenue opportunities and allow customers to make a purchase without having to commit to a date or time, making them perfect as presents for friends, especially in these strange times.

There are a few things that are needed to ensure you have vouchers up and running correctly, get in touch if you'd like the make the most of this exciting feature!

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9th October, 2020

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