The West House and Heath Robinson Museum are now live with DigiTickets

William Heath Robinson was an artist whose work, whether in his well-known humorous drawings or his illustrations for Kipling, Shakespeare or children’s stories, is integral to British cultural heritage. His legacy lives on at The Heath Robinson Museum, which preserves his work for students of illustration, lovers of landscape paintings, advertising enthusiasts and academics, dads building contraptions in sheds, believers in fairies, children with time to dream, couples stuck in tiny flats, people who put holes in cheese, artificial teeth testers and anyone who’s ever held something together with a bit of string.
Therefore, DigiTickets is delighted to announce that it will be providing its uniquely tailored ticketing system to the Museum. Far less complicated that anything dreamed up by Robinson, we have integrated both their permanent exhibition and their ‘Pinner Arts Week’ events into our coherent and flexible system, which is sure to make the booking process easier for both staff and customers of this wonderful attraction.
We look forward to a continued relationship with the Heath Robinson Museum, and that customers continue to enjoy its charming artwork for years to come. If you are intrigued by the history surrounding the man or his work, feel free to head to for more information. To book tickets, visit

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Richard Booker Managing Director

15th August, 2016

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