Otter Nurseries choose DigiTickets

Based in South West England, Otter Nurseries operate a very popular Santa's Grotto which certainly draws in the crowds - so much so in fact, that the team at Otter Nurseries were looking for a ticketing solution provider that could help streamline ticket redemptions and keep queue times to an absolute minimum.

It was the first time that Grotto tickets would be sold online, so Otter Nurseries were looking for a supplier in experiencing in driving advance revenues and ticket sales, facilitating fast track redemptions and quick turnaround during the grotto sessions, and a supplier that could provide powerful, knowledge-led data both during and after the events had taken place.

We were recommended to Otter Nurseries by several of our other clients and we're delighted to have won the contract and to be working with Otter Nurseries.  We look forward to a happy and successful working relationship - the Grotto tickets will be on sale very soon, so watch this space!

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