Mobiles & Tablets and the impact on ticketing

Last month, Adobe released its regular ‘State of Mobile’ benchmark.  There’s some very interesting findings, and they affect how you should approach your online ticketing.  Read our summary of what’s important and take advantage of the explosive growth in mobile usage....

Let’s start with some interesting stats to set the background: -

Fact 1

Tablets, thanks largely to the success of the iPad, are now driving more web traffic than smartphones.  On top of this, people using tablets visit 70% more web pages per visit than when they use a smartphone.

Considering this market share, if you fall into one of the two brackets below you may want to consider changing to a responsive ticketing solution.

-    You have a ticketing solution that is for desktop users only.
-    You have a ticketing solution that has a desktop version and mobile only version.

Fact 2

People browsing online shopping websites on tablets are 3x more like to buy something than users on a smartphone.  But what about if your ticketing system doesn’t display effectively on tablets?  That’s a lot of potential lost business.

Fact 3

Social Network access via mobile has increased 600% in the past year.

In March 2012, social networks were hardly being accessed from smartphones and tablets, with those devices accounting for just 4.8% of traffic to sites like Facebook.  As of March this year, nearly one in three visits to those sites came from a mobile device.

So how does this relate to ticketing?  Well, for a start, if your ticketing system isn’t smartphone friendly you’re missing out on sales.  Secondly though, when the ‘Thank You’ page has a social network ‘share’ function, imagine the potential extra exposure you could get.

If 1 in 3 of your ticket sales takes place on a smart phone and let’s say that 1 in 5 people who buy a ticket from you ‘share’ their purchase – that’s a lot of people getting notified of your attraction or event from their friends.  Better yet, your Facebook friends are trusted sources, so if your friend tells you that they’ve just bought a ticket to an event, you’re more likely to investigate that if you heard about the event from an unknown party.

Fact 4

Ok, here’s one I bet you didn’t know.  There are 4 main screen sizes & resolutions – a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop – right?  Wrong.

Factor in all of the potential size variations and screen resolutions and in 2010 there were 97 potential screen resolutions on which your ticketing system would be displayed.  That’s a lot for designers & developers to take into account as they want your system to look perfect regardless of what device a customer is using to buy your tickets.

Fast forward 3 years and there are now 232 potential combinations!  If you have a mobile version and a desktop version you’ll be catering for a few of them.  Use a fully ‘responsive’ system and you’ll be catering for pretty much all of them.

Fact 5

The trend is set to continue.  In the US alone, online spending in 2013 using smartphones and tablets is predicted to be $38.8 billion. By 2017, it’s expected that this will rise to $108.6 billion.

We’ve all experienced the joys of trying to buy something on a mobile or smartphone where after 5 minutes of pinching, scrolling and zooming you eventually give up.  Make sure that your system works on all devices and you’ll have a very grateful and loyal customer base.

If you would like to find out more about how a responsive ticketing solution that works on all devices can improve your results, talk to us – we’ll be happy to help.


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