Kew Bridge Steam Museum goes live!

The Kew Bridge Steam Museum is home to a magnificent collection of steam pumping engines comprising of Cornish engines, which are in their original engine houses, and the rotative engines, which have been collected by the museum trust from pumping stations across the country.

Together the collection demonstrates the major developments in steam engine technology. In addition to these engines, we have also collected examples of diesel, electric, water and animal powered pumping engines.

In the final stages of a complete re-development following a Heritage Lottery grant, the Museum is a must-see venue for 2014!

A key aspect of the digital part of the project was to streamline the online presence and upgrade the previous ineffective online ticketing system.  DigiTickets is now in place and visitors can book tickets and make donations online, with the Museum team have access to a poweful range of management and marketing information not previously available to them.

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