Introducing colour coded availability

One thing that we’ve heard a lot recently is the desire for at-a-glance availability indication on the front end – so we’ve built it!

Colour coded availability means that customers can see immediately which dates have high or low availability, so that they don’t put off booking only to find later that the spaces they were looking at were the last ones available for that date! It also allows clients to help to push sales, by showing customers that availability is limited and therefore generating a sense of urgency for more popular dates.

The ability to set the levels at which different colours kick in also means that clients can tailor the coding to their specific events – events which fill up very quickly can be set to show as limited availability much sooner than those which always take a long time, so that customers can get a real indication of whether they’ll still be able to book in a couple of days’ time.

We’re confident that this will make for an improved experience for both clients and customers, and are excited to see it start to increase conversion rates!

Posted By:

Richard Booker Managing Director

3rd October, 2017

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