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Whilst selling tickets is imperative to any business, communication with customers is just as important and certainly improves the overall experience. As a trusted supplier of ticketing to many attractions including: Cadbury World, Knowsley Safari Park, and The Royal Mint (to name a few!), we’ve worked hard to continually update our DigiTickets BackOffice features. In this blog, we’ll focus on the email communication available for use in the DigiTickets BackOffice and how it can improve your customer’s experience. In this digital world, communication with customers is key and is proving even more of a necessity in this ever-changing period.

Automatic Emails and its Features

Whether you’re totally new to the BackOffice or a DigiTickets Pro, you’ll have likely seen the ‘Marketing Section’. In here are all the snazzy features which help to upsell or market your products and tickets (more of this in our upcoming blogs). The Automatic emails feature allows you to send communications out to customers automatically and they have an array of purposes.

Post-Sale Emails

Emailing after a customer has made a sale, can be a great way of including any additions that you want a customer to see or any additional information needed. For example, you could include links to book any extras, or you could even include a voucher for the customer to use when they visit. In one of the earliest stages of the customers’ journey with your business, it’s essential to build a rapport with them. If done correctly, this can be a fantastic way to build customer confident and experience.

Reminder Emails (Pre-Visit)

Reminder emails can be set to be sent a number of days or hours before the event starts reminding your customers that they have booked and that it is almost time for their visit. You can prompt customers of what to bring, where they need to go and repeat any important information. All of this contributes to a smooth experience on the day! 

Post-Visit Emails (After Redemption)

The post visit option is triggered after an order has been redeemed on either ProPoint Epos or in the BackOffice. Post redemptions are a really powerful way of gaining immediate feedback from a customer. You can always link in your TripAdvisor page or Google review site to encourage those all-important customer reviews. Its also an effective way to learn where you might have gone wrong and what you could do to improve.

These three options enable you to stay in touch with your customers after they have placed an order with you, before they come and after they have visited.  Understandably, running events can be a stressful and we hope that automatically emails can help you stay in touch with your customers and enhance experience. If you need any help setting up Automatic Emails make sure you check out our ‘Need Help’ section in the Support Portal. If you really get stuck, get in touch with our Support Team.

Sending Mass Communications

Mass Communications is an incredibly handy feature if you need to contact all customers booked onto a session or event in advance. For attractions and events operators, we believe that it is important that suppliers like us, understand logistics of businesses and this is why we’ve implemented practical solutions to problems that may occur. Mass Communications can really be a lifeline if you need to communicate changes, issues, or in the rare case an event cancellation to customers.

In a Mass Communication you can determine which sessions you would like the email to cover or you can simply choose the whole event. Type your email and send! Mass Communications are generally sent by businesses as a last option and its good practice to make sure you’ve made all final changes.

We hope that the email features in the DigiTickets BackOffice can really help your business to improve its communication with customers, provide clarity on events and help gather feedback. Chat to us today if you want to find out more.

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16th October, 2020

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