DigiTickets help to set a new UK Record!

On Saturday, the DigiTickets team were treated to VIP tickets to the Tulleys ShocktoberFest Preview night.

An absolutely fantastic night was had by all, and we were very excited to be the first to experience the award winning Halloween attraction first hand. 

It's easy to see why it's won multiple awards and recognitions and the scare factor certainly worked its magic with many hilarious moments of our team being scared out of their wits.

No names mentioned (Angus!) as to who was shaking the most whilst making their way through the "Hell-ements" whilst blindfolded - something that can't quite be explained, you really need to experience it for yourself!

A key part of the evening was a new World Record Attempt for the largest gathering of vampires!  In a sea of black capes, red dresses and fanged teeth, over 2000 vampires gathered on site and whilst this sadly wasn't enough to set a world record, we are delighted to confirm that it has set a new UK record.

Check out the photo (with most of our team in the front row!) and find out more by visiting the ShocktoberFest Website

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