Christmas Lives with Adventure Wonderland!

In December 2020, we were contacted by the fabulous team at Adventure Wonderland who were looking for an online ticketing system to help run their Santa Show (which is as magically festive as it sounds!). The DigiTickets system has always had a wide scope of functionality so we felt confident that we were able to meet their needs; particularly on strictly limiting capacity due to the nature of the current climate.

The Magic of Sale Limits

Before 2020, if you had asked the tourism industry as a whole, we’re pretty confident that not many attractions would be actively attempting to limit their ticket sales, quite the opposite! For many, the aim of the game is to sell as many tickets as you can. In 2020 one of our biggest requests was to help with a plethora of different ways to limit capacity – some of which were exceptionally creative. The Adventure Wonderland Team were looking to launch their Santa Show whilst carefully limiting ticket sales to enable them to carefully manage capacity, without disappointing any family.

Set in the Happydrome Theatre, their team had been busy installing some Reindeer Stables in which they could socially distance nine families: seating a maximum of six per group. As you might expect this was going to take some logistical planning and limits on their ticketing was absolutely key. With the Elf and Safety Team on standby it was up to the DigiTickets Onboarding Team to create their new site and plan their requirements.

Race Against the Clock

We’re not ones to shy away from a challenge and although a DigiTickets set-up usually takes between two to four weeks, The Adventure Wonderland Team needed to go live within four days. So, already 85% faster than most of our normal builds we focused on achieving this goal in order to help Adventure Wonderland have a successful event, up and selling, in an especially difficult year. This meant a marathon of project management was needed to achieve this goal and most importantly, focus from both companies. Ensuring that a quality, branded site was built at the same time, took immense communication and commitment. However, just four days later a fantastically festive Adventure Wonderland ticketing site went live! Those all-important sales limits came into place and meant that the Santa Show could now become a reality, it’s no surprise the event sold out!

Christmas Lives!

Here’s what Andy Brennan Guest Experience, Entertainments & Marketing Manager had to say:

At Adventure Wonderland, we had been contemplating a move to DigiTickets for some time. The circumstances surrounding our Christmas plans meant we needed a reliable and resourceful system to handle our bookings. DigiTickets was top of our Christmas list and luckily, we’re on the nice list, so it was an early Christmas present for us to make the move.

Some would have assumed our setup would have been complicated due to the considerable lack of time involved, however every member of the DigiTickets team has ensured our experience was stress free. It’s been a joy to create a new platform for our ticket sales and we are excited to continue this relationship moving towards a new season.

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DigiTickets Marketing Comms

8th January, 2021

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