Book a tour of Arundells, the home of former Prime Minister...

Guided tours of the home of the former Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, can now be booked online through DigiTickets.

Arundells, in Salisbury's Cathedral Close, reflects Sir Edward's time in public office and contains his collections of: paintings, (including Wyllie, Singer Sargent, Piper, Churchill, Sickert, Augustus and Gwen John, John Nash, Lowry and many more), sailing and musical memorabilia, Oriental and European ceramics, cartoons, bronzes, Chinese and Japanese artworks, photographs and much more, just as they were when he lived there, along with access to the beautiful two acre garden.

After our guided tours have ended, nearly all of our visitors tell us how much they have enjoyed the tour, giving them a completely new perspective on the owner, changing and enhancing their view of his personality, and what he achieved in his long and varied career.

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