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We know how difficult it is to manage ticket availability across online booking systems, in-person sales, and online ticketing marketplaces and resellers. Allocating limited numbers of tickets to different marketplaces in order to avoid overselling is frustrating; it limits your sales potential and often results in unsold tickets. And yet, selling your full capacity through more than one outlet requires unsustainable levels of admin work, constantly jumping between systems to keep track of how many tickets have been sold and inevitably leading to overbookings and refunds. 

ExperienceBank was built to resolve those problems. A Channel Management System, it acts as a central hub, allowing you to manage your ticket availability and pricing across a wide range of different marketplaces. No more overbookings. No more limitations. Just increased ticket distribution and reduced admin time. 

DigiTickets has introduced ExperienceBank so that our clients can benefit from this functionality. With the new module you’re able to pull your tickets and capacities through to ExperienceBank where they’ll be managed in real-time; you’ll be able to negotiate deals with any marketplaces you want to sell through and then connect to them via ExperienceBank to sell tickets without worrying about overselling. 

This means that each time an order is placed the capacity will be checked against your DigiTickets account, and the order will only be confirmed if there is sufficient space remaining. Redemptions are also easy; marketplace orders will display in your DigiTickets account alongside tickets bought through other channels, allowing you to scan and redeem customer tickets on arrival regardless of where they were sold. 

Featured Supplier

ExperienceBank gives you the chance to connect to more than 40 different marketplaces; this week we’re shining a spotlight on TXGB. 

TXGB was founded by VisitBritain as part of an initiative to boost the profile of tourism products across Great Britain. TXGB allows customers to book tickets both through VisitBritain and through a wide range of local visitor information sites and DMOs (Destination Marketing Organisations). The integration between ExperienceBank and TXGB allows DigiTickets customers to benefit from this network, allowing you to sell tickets to a wide range of new customers, boosting ticket sales and increasing your profile. 

As an added bonus, VisitBritain are currently in the process of launching their National Lottery Days Out campaign, which will be running from October 2021. The initiative will give hundreds of thousands of £25 vouchers to National Lottery Lotto players over the autumn, to be redeemed against visits to associated attractions; the National Lottery will fund the vouchers, making this a great way to boost your visitor numbers as the summer season ends. The campaign is launching in coming weeks, and to be eligible you’ll need to sign up to sell tickets through TXGB via ExperienceBank before the 24th September. If you’re interested in taking part you can to talk to your Client Relationship Manager, who will be able to answer any questions and advise on marketplace costs, and get you set up to start benefitting! 

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22nd September, 2021

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